Biorepair ® the toothpaste that actually repairs tooth enamel

A healthy enamel is the solution for providing healthy and beautiful teeth
The tooth surface may look healthy, daily wear and tear causes lots of tiny and invisible flaws
to appear in tooth enamel. Over time, plaque and bacteria can form in these flaws and can lead to
more serious damage such as tooth decay , deterioration, loss of tooth brightness, and

How does Biorepair ® repair tooth enamel?

When you brush your teeth with Biorepair ® ,
microRepair ® microparticles of hydroxya patite are released. Hydroxyapatite is virtually identical to enamel and that’s
what makes Biorepair ® such an effective enamel repairing toothpaste. These microRepair ® microparticles are so small,
they can get into the tiny cracks and crevices on the surface of your teeth often caused by acid erosion. They then fill in
the cracks and bind to the enamel – actively repairing tooth enamel.

Safe healthy product
● No fluoride,
● No paraben,
● No sodium lauryl sulphate,
● No silica abrasive,
● No titanium dioxide

Biorepair ® works to repair tooth enamel, prevent decay and reduce sensitivity by filling in the
tiny cracks and binding to the structure of the enamel.

● Repairs tooth enamel
● Prevents decay
● Reduces sensitivity

biorepair Product range (please link the underlined products to its category )
Biorepair Mouthwash (Non Fluoride) helps
protect teeth against damage from acid erosion and plaque, Repairs tooth
enamel, Protects gums, Fights plaque, Freshens breath,
Biorepair Whitening Toothpaste ( No Fluoride ) It
restores the natural whiteness of teeth, repair the Enamel and protects
them from plaque, tartar buildup,
cavities and acid erosion.

Biorepair Total protection repair Toothpaste ( No Fluoride ) A great everyday toothpaste that repairs teeth. The microRepair® repairs damaged tooth enamel and prevents plaque and tartar from forming – helping to prevent decay before it can start.

Biorepair Sensitive repair Toothpaste (No fluoride) Perfect if you suffer with sensitive teeth. The microRepair® repairs damaged tooth enamel, prevents plaque and tartar from forming and covers exposed nerve endings – relieving pain caused by changes in temperature, brushing and eating. Biorepair Night Toothpaste ( No Fluoride )Our Night Protection Toothpaste works to repair tooth enamel while you sleep. It also contains zinc which has a strong antiseptic action against bacteria that helps to maintain long lasting fresh breath and to promote healthy teeth. It’s fluoride free so is safe for all the family and as a children’s toothpaste Biorepair Junior for age 0 12years ( Non Flouride) The new children toothpaste is designed to reinforce the enamel, prevent decay, strengthen and maintain teeth in good health. Biorepair Protect and Repair ( Advance Fluoride technology) works by repairing the enamel through its unique Fluorideenhanced Hydroxyapatite (microRepairF), It remineralizes the enamel through the release of fluoride and strontium ions directly onto the enamel surface unlike other flouride toothpaste which release the fluoride to the body. Other products Biorepair Paradontgel (Non Fluoride) protect and repair toothpaste, Biorepair Floss, brush….

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