Frequently asked questions

Wondering how BioRepair® works as a protective toothpaste, how it repairs tooth enamel or how suitable it is as a children’s toothpaste? Find the answers to any questions you have here. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please contact us directly

  • What is Hydroxyapatite?

    Hydroxyapatite (hi-droxy-appetite) is the main component of tooth enamel, forming over 90% of its mass. It is also a major component of bone.

  • I suffer from sensitive teeth and usually use sensitive toothpaste; will Biorepair® be suitable for me?

    Biorepair® Sensitivity Control Toothpaste is particularly beneficial for anyone with sensitive teeth. The microparticles penetrate tiny holes, repairing them and forming a protective layer over nerve endings inside the tooth to give long-lasting relief from the pain associated with dental sensitivity.

  • Should I use Biorepair® alongside my regular toothpaste?

    Biorepair® does everything regular toothpaste does and works to protect teeth from cavities, so there is no need to use any other toothpaste.

  • Will Biorepair® taste nice?

    Biorepair® has a fresh minty taste and smooth texture.

  • Is it safe for the whole family?

    BioRepair® is safe for all the family to use. It does not contain added fluoride, so it can be used safely as a children’s toothpaste.

  • Is it suitable for everyday use?

    BioRepair® is ideal for everyday use. It does everything a normal toothpaste does with the added benefit of actively repairing tooth enamel and preventing further decay.

  • How does Biorepair® work?

    When you brush your teeth with Biorepair®, microparticles of hydroxyapatite are released. These microparticles are so small, they can get into tiny cracks and crevices in your teeth and bond with the natural enamel to actively repair tooth enamel.

  • Whilst I know too much fluoride is bad, surely some fluoride is necessary?

    Hydroxyapatite is a far more effective substance for re-mineralising and strengthening enamel than fluoride. It is not harmful and can be used in higher percentages than fluoride, so it works better and more quickly.

  • My teeth look fine and I have check ups with my dentist regularly, why do I need Biorepair®?

    Every day acids in food and drink affect our teeth. Biorepair® is a protective toothpaste – daily use helps repair damage so bacteria can’t penetrate the flaws where decay could start.

  • How does Hydroxyapatite work?

    The hydroxyapatite microparticles in BioRepair® bond with tooth enamel to repair damage, reduce sensitivity and protect teeth from decay.

  • Where can I buy Biorepair®?

    Biorepair® is available to buy from independent pharmacies. Alternatively, Biorepair® is available online  at